EpsilonWriter Web for computers, tablets and smartphones

A dynamic algebra application to do calculations by steps and with explanations

  • Calculations by selection and move (a variant of the drag and drop adapted to touch use for tablets and smartphones) : you select an expression then you put the cursor where you want and ask for a "Move (Calculation)". EpsilonWriter proposes transformations when the situation allows them. The gestures are transformed to mathematical operations:
    • numerical calculations, expand and simplify,
    • factoring, simplification,
    • adding to the 2 members (substraction, multiplication, division), substitution.
  • Calculations on selection : you select an expression the you ask for a calculation. EpsilonWriter proposes an expression then you ask for a calculation. EpsilonWriter proposes calculations when the situation allows them :
    • Exact or approximate numerical calculations, expand and simplify,
    • Second and third degree equations solving schemes,
    • Transform some logical conditions to a domain or a set of solutions,
    • Limit calculation, derivative calculation,
    • Table of signs, Table of variations,
    • Formula generation,
    • Complex numbers calculations.

An application to run resources with :

When the student ask for questions checking, she get a score and an explanation.

EpsilonWriter Creator for computers Windows, MacOS, Linux

A document and pedagogical resources editor

Write easily documents with formulas.

  • Enter and modify formulas very easily.
  • Copy from Wikipédia and paste to EpsilonWriter : the formulas you got are editable.
  • Import Latex.
  • Print EpsilonWriter documents, course or exercise sheets
  • Export web pages in HTML with images for the formulas and in XHTML with MathML formulas.
  • Use EpsilonWriter for your emails and blogs

Create Math questionnaires

  • Write questions with single or several answers.
  • Write questions with an open mathematical answer.
  • Write comments that appear during the assessment.

Create easily innovative and playful resources, for computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • TQuiz games
  • Aplusix Neo interactive exercises

Publish your resources with your online workspace and on the epsilon-puli.net website

  • Register to epsilon-publi.net and get a free online storage space for your resources. You can access this space directly from the EpsilonWriter's web explorer
  • You can publish your resources in the catalog of the resources of the website.
  • You can discover and use other resources on the website