Drawing of curves and Animation with EpsilonWriter Web

Drawing curves

EpsilonWriter Web enables to plot curves by writing their formulas as on the blackboard and by choosing the color and the thickness. You can use a zoom to zoom in or out . The grid can be displayed or hidden.

Drawing functions


Drawing parametric curves


Drawing polar curves


Animating curves

With EpsilonWriter Web you can animate curves writing their formulas as on the blackboard and using animation settings defined by mathematical formulas. With these settings you can set the speed, the zoom, the persistence and the gradient.

Introduction to the animation of curves.

Introduction tutorial

Here is the same curve with another color, an important persistence and thickness.

Tutorial about several curves in the same animation

Translations and rotations

Tutorial about translation and rotation of a polar coordinates curve

Tutorial about translation of predefined figures

Progressive plotting of a curve

Tutorial about progressif